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Enhanced CD

Enhanced cds are cds with both audio and rom content. Your enhanced cd can be a simple as having your music and video or a complete multimedia experience. You are able to have audio that can be read by both your audio cd player and a computer, with another "session" of rom info that can be read by your computer.

It is possible to produce enhanced cds by both replication and duplication. Enhanced cd replication involves the "stamping" of cds using a mold made by the glass mastering process. This is ideal for runs of 500 or over. Enhanced cd duplication involves the "burning" of cds using a cd burner, and is ideal for runs of under 500.

Basically the costs involved in manufacture are the same, but there may be extra costs involved in the authoring of the cd itself. There is plenty of information on the net on enhanced cd mastering and it is possible to do it with many of the usual cd burning software programs. However if you want a more complex enhanced cd you will need more sofisticated and dedicated software to author your cd.




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