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CD Rom

CD Roms have data content only.

It is possible to produce CD rom by both replication and duplication. CD replication involves the "stamping" of cd roms using a mold made by the glass mastering process. This is ideal for runs of 500 or over. Cd duplication involves the "burning" of cd roms using a cd burner, and is ideal for runs of under 500.

We can supply any type of packaging you require from plastic wallets to complicated multipacks.

Your CDs would be manufactured by top quality plants with strict security and quality control. All you need to supply us with is your CD master and your artwork.

If you supply a cdr then its must be compatible with the CD specification, recorded in "DOA" or "DISC AT ONCE" mode, be free from scratches. For a 12cm disc the maximum capacity is 705 MB.

If you require futher technical information please call or email.



Call Dave on 01371 859 393 for our latest prices.
Looking for templates? We recommend you prepare your artwork using the templates to avoid delays and extra cost due to artwork needing to be altered or corrected.
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